Competitive & Pro-Team:

-Competing in RPL and top competitive leagues
-Top players eligible for contracts
-Weekly scrimmages and team practice
-Exclusive tournaments
-Pro-Team consists of 5 Starting players + 5 Substitutes
-Any Competitive player can join our team and clan

Contact & How to Join:

eSports Clan: RF™ eSports #8UP08G2Y
eSports Discord:

1. Join our discord and please read our team information/requirements
2. Fill out the appropriate Form
2. We will contact you by DM or will tag you in our server for further details

Pro-Team NA:
eSports EU:
eSports APAC:

Requirements for becoming contracted:

We are a highly competitive clan and participate in many eSports leagues. We are striving to become one of the top clans in the competitive scene and are currently recruiting for our team.
If you would like to receive a contract with our team please have the following requirements:

1. 20+ Challenge Wins
2. Consistent 10+ Grand Challenge wins (Screenshot for proof)
3. Play against our current team (we will assess gameplay)
4. Any past playing 

In order to receive a seasonal contract the above criteria must be met (there may be exceptions). For more information on sponsorship and contracts please contact: cyclops#8778 via discord. Join our eSports discord server:

eSports Team Leaders:


Zi3gler#8142 (Head of eSports)


cyclops#8778 (Team Manager)


fleb™#8358 (Team Manager)


Carlos™#3654 (Team Manager)


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