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5200+ Trophies

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RF™ eSports

12+ Challenge Wins

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4300+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush II

4000+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush III

3800+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush IV

3600+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush V

3000+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush USA

4000+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush CA

3000+ Trophies

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RoyalFlush UK

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RoyalFlush SG

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RoyalFlush IND

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RoyalFlush IND2

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RoyalFlush Ace

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RoyalFlush AUS

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About Us

RoyalFlush | Global Rank: 60 | Clan Pts: 55k+ 

Welcome to the RoyalFlush Family! We are an Internationally based clan with members from all over the world. We have a fun and relaxed atmosphere that values maturity and discourages Bad Manners within our clan. We are growing everyday and are looking for awesome Clashers to join our growing, competitive RF family. Our main clan is Globally Ranked. We are a super active, helpful group that can help you improve your game play with friendly battles and advice from our top players. We are now venturing into the world of eSports, and take part in Clan Leagues, 2v2 tournaments, Draft Royale, and other Clash related events. Donations gets filled super quick, so request as much as you can. Our clan also hosts daily Tournaments and many Gem Events. We also have Discord that connects our Main Clan + Feeders + Alliances. During clan chest week all our clans complete it with the main clan getting 10/10 within a day. So whether you are looking for a competitive clan, or just a casual atmosphere for active players, you’ll find it here at RoyalFlush!

What We OfferRequirements
-Daily 100-400 card tourneys (special 2k card tourneys)
-Participate in leagues, drafts and many gem events
-All our clans finish clan chest 10/10 (main finishes within a day)
-We have ventured into eSports and have a team that competes competitively
-We offer player contracts, add cyclops#8778 on Discord for details
-200+ weekly donations
-15 crowns during clan chest
-Trophy pushers and competitive players in main
-Be active and friendly
-We refrain from bad manners in our tournaments, friendly battles and any event hosted by us or alliance clans
-Donate & request as much as you can
-We are an international clan so all cultures and languages accepted, but our main language is English
-50th player is shifted to feeder







Clan Discord


eSports Discord